about Colton


Colton Khan was born and raised in Marin County, Northern California.  He began practicing yoga in 2014 while studying business and textiles and clothing at the University of California Davis.  Colton has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation since, attending workshops and retreats throughout the Bay Area with some of the worlds most profound teachers, including: Laurent Valosek, Noah Levine, Nicholas Giacomini (MC Yogi), Richard Miller, and Stan Groff.  He received his Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification in 2017, studying and training in Ubud, Bali with Everett Newell and Katherine Girling [Zuna Yoga].  He then spent two weeks at the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram in Rishikesh, India, furthuring his education in hatha yoga.  Colton’s approach to teaching combines breath (pranayama), movement (asanas) and meditation (dhyana) to guide his students to an experience of their truest and most authentic self.  He draws on the traditional philosophies and teachings of hatha and tantra yoga, Vedic science and the Sutras, but applies contemporary and scientific perspectives to create an approachable experience for the modern body and mind.  Through the systematic and effective use of these tools, one experiences enhanced health, strength, balance, and peace that permeates all aspects of their life, leading to greater success, healthier relationships, elevated consciousness and longevity.  

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When not practicing or teaching yoga and meditation, Colton can be found on the trails of Mt. Tamalpais, hiking or running around; up in Tahoe, jumping in the lake, on the trails or climbing rocks; in the kitchen, cooking and baking; in the studio crafting jewelry; or out at the beach, lounging and surfing.  Other hobbies and passions include reading, writing, branding, clothing design, blending essential oils, modeling and photography.  You can contact him and check him out on various social channels by clicking the icons below.